Fran teaching at the Women’s Liberation Workshop, July 2018

Fran teaching at the Women’s Liberation Workshop, July 2018


Flow Defined, LLC is a brand and business created for everyone for every body type, created to provide products, resources, and classes to influence others to use fitness as a way to flow within life. Flow Defined exists to help others find ease in a place where they may not feel they belong. Flow Defined’s creator is fitness enthusiast, yoga instructor, and pole fitness enthusiast, Francesca “Fran” Dantzler.

Fran began as a Yoga teacher in 2016, teaching and developing classes specific for women of color in various spaces across Cincinnati, Ohio. Fran's classes range from Namas'Bey (Beyonce themed yoga) and other yoga classes featuring your favorite artists. She developed “Twerk Yoga” classes, a intense fusion of downward dogs and twerk moves at her local pole studio. Fran hosts classes where she encourages individuals to find their flow and to define what their flow looks like by stepping onto the mat. There is no one flow that is alike and the products sold within the Flow Defined store show this.

On this website, you will find blog posts from Fran about her experiences with yoga, health, and beauty. Within the Flow Defined store, you will find unique merchandise including yoga mats, blocks, and other products with your unique “flow” in mind.

"Do what feels good and flow to what feels good." - Fran

Flow, as defined by Merriam Webster: Continuous movement, a continuous transfer of energy